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Regal Certification- Best ISO Certification Consultants

Regal Certification is one of the well-known and foremost management consulting organization with the clients in Dubai, UAE, India, U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Australia, Maldives, Europe & Africa, Europe and all across the globe. Regal Certification offers highly standardized consulting service such as Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, marketing management, quality management; finance management and many more with the specialization in offering certification consultancy of various ISO certified standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, ISO 22000, ISO 17025, ISO 170220, ISO 15189, HACCP, NABL, NABH and many more.

Regal Certification is a highly preferred ISO certification consultant all across the globe. To get best ISO certification & consultants , contact our experts. We offer best ISO certification consulting services, training session and help the organizations to implement the certification in different  Countries and all across the globe.


Customer Satisfaction is our major objective. We offer highly effective, practical and competitive business solutions to the organizations to optimize the efficiency in operations and also helps to enhance the business revenues to maximize the ROI i.e. return on investment and ultimately to achieve the goal of the organization.

  •     Registered and highly standardized ISO consultancy providers
  •     Eliminates the flaws and defects from the production procedures, HR operations, strategic management and finance
  •     Goal-oriented consultancy services to achieve success in business
  •     An Easy to execute ISO management strategies in the organization with easy documentation and professional execution
  •     Leaders of best ISO Certification Consultancy, training and certification
  •     Certified audits that ensures 100% successful, faster ISO certification with great ease of implementation
  •     Ensures time-bound project delivery
  •     Renders best services to the clients and helps them to get ISO certified easily.
  •     Task management systems for the betterment of working procedures.

Regalcert  - All Across the Globe

Regal Certification is one of the foremost organizations that offers certified services and have a long list of clientele all across the globe. This makes the management system certification partner for all reputed multinational companies.

The entire corporate world nowadays is facing different challenges to enhance the quality of their business management for cost saving, to solve quality compliance, to enhance their profits and so on. This all is done by the organization to ensure that the products and services they offer to their customers are best and high-quality and for this, they require a different type of quality certification, ISO certification consultancy and many more. Regal cert is the best online certification consultancy service providers that offer best services to their clients with best ISO certification consultancy services to offer 100% satisfaction to the customers.

Regal Certification specializes in offering best consultancy services to the organizations for the complete range of ISO standard certification. Due to the highly effective services, we are able to bag clients from all across the globe. 

Why Choose Us?

High-Quality ISO Certification & Consultancy Services

Regal Certification is a popular and well-known consultancy organization that offers high-effective and standardized consulting services to the companies that are involved in offers best services to the manufacturers, IT organizations and other small scale and large scale organization to ensure high-quality management systems in their premises so that quality goods can be produced and best services can be offered to the customers.

Regal Certification, with the team of highly experienced competent and skilled professionals, are capable of providing best consultancy services of all certification and standards that are introduced by ISO and other regulatory bodies. Be it the ISO 9001 or GMP consultants or the CE marking certification, our consultants offer the best support and assist the customers in an effective manner so that they can avail smooth, peaceful and easy certification procedure in the premises.

What do we offer?

With the joining efforts of our experienced and highly skilled professionals, we at
Regal Certification offers best services to our customers in accordance with the clients, certifying bodies and consultancy services so that the customers can follow best certification procedure without any trouble and consequences. Our IT integrated approach towards the certification procedure helps us to establish different performance levels that help to ensure continuous development and management in the organization and helps to ensure 100% customer satisfaction along with long term business revenues to the manufacturers.

The major USP s that offers the best satisfaction to the customers includes continuous improvement of the system, fast and quick certification, less documentation, better data analysis, higher productivity, enhanced staff motivation, better use of resources and 100% customer satisfaction. The goal of our company is to focus on the requirements of the customers and provide them best high-quality services to the customers.

Different Certifications offered at Regalcert

ISO Certification

The consultants in our organization offer best consultancy services to the clients on the entire range of ISO quality management standards and certifications. We have a wide network of highly skilled professionals that completely understands the process of certification very deeply and able to provide best services as per the mentioned standardized procedures. We are one of the highly preferred consultancy firms for ISO certification and standard consultancy at best possible prices that force the customers to visit again and again and grab the consultancy services.

ROHS Certification & Consultants

ROHS is a standard directive was developed and introduced by the European Union for controlling and managing the quality of the materials that are used during the manufacturing procedure of electronic goods, and limits the materials and substances that are harmful to the health of the users as well as for the environment also. Our skilled and experienced professional helps the customers in performing all necessary paperwork and in performing all legal and mandatory formalities so that they can peacefully follow the entire procedure and can avail the certification without any troubles and consequences.

Consultancy Services for Some ISO Certifications that we offer includes:

ISO 13485:2013 Consultants
- ISO 13485 is a foremost standard that is executed on the manufacturers and traders of the medical devices and products. This standard assists the manufacturers of medical devices to ensure that there are no quality defects in the products and materials that are used for development of the products.

ISO 27001:2013 Consultants -  The certification was designed and introduced for information security. It is widely used in IT sectors to ensure that the information and data which is stored in the software and documents of the company is completely safe from all types of thefts and loss. The certification is granted by the third parties and further approved by ISO. It is a must to have astandard for all IT companies to secure their legal information and data. The standard certification clearly explains the rules and guidelines that must be followed to establish a highly effective management system and to ensure the safety of the information.

ISO 22000:2018 Consultants- It is one of the best standard certification that offers ahighly effective framework of Quality management system in the organization to maintain the quality of products and services. If a company possesses the ISO 22000:2018 certification, the manufacturer can easily assure their clients and customers that the products that they manufacture in their organization are best in terms of quality and completely hygienic and safe to consume. To render 100% customer satisfaction and high-quality products to the customers, it is necessary for all the manufacturers to have this certification.

ISO-TS 16949:2009- The ISO/TS 16949:2009 certification was introduced by the IATF i.e. International Automotive Task Force and then approved by technocrats of ISO. The standard certification was introduced especially for the automobile companies so that the companies can work efficiently in synchronization of the rules as stated in the standard and offer high-quality products and services to the customers.

Apart from ISO certification consultancy services, Regalcert offers consultancy services for other certifications also. Some of the certifications are mentioned below:

ISI Mark Certification- ISI mark certification was introduced to keep a strict check on the quality of the consumer goods whether they are manufactured in India. The major fear of the manufacturing companies is to deliver best and high-quality products to the customers because these goods are directly consumed and related to the health of the consumers. The management of the companies put great emphasis on the products that they manufacture by fulfilling all the conditions of the standard that are set by the regulatory bodies to ensure that the products that are manufactured in their premises are completely safe to consume. In India, ISI mark certification is a trustworthy and reliable sign that clearly signifies the quality of the products. Regalcert offers best services to the customers and helps them to avail the ISI mark certification easily.

HACCP- Another standard certification that helps the manufacturer in food industries to follow ethical and best means to measure the quality of the products is HACCP. Safety and hygiene of the food are the significant properties that grab the attention and buying behavior of the customers. Every country all across the nations is now concerned to offer healthy and hygienic food products to the consumers. Therefore, it becomes compulsory for the manufacturers to ensure the products that are manufactured in their premises are best in terms of quality and this can be ensured using HACCP certification. Our skilled professionals at Regalcert helps the customers to offer best HACCP consultancy services to the manufacturers for the smooth working of their organization.
HACCP consultants,HACCP certification services.

Apart from the mentioned certification, we offer ISO 17025:2017 & ISO 15189:2012 certification, NABH certification, OHSAS certification consultancy services to the manufacturers for the betterment of their organization and to maintain quality management system in their premises.

Regal Certification with the team of highly skilled consultants offers best and superlative services to the clients which help them to ensure that they manufacture high-quality products only. We offer best consultancy services to the customers at best possible which is a major reason behind the fact that we get repeated business from our clients.

What are you waiting for? We are just a call away from our customers. Contact us and avail best consultancy services to follow high-quality management services in the premises. HACCP Certification & Consultants Services in India, UK, USA, etc. HACCP Certification, HACCP Consultants, HACCP Certificate, HACCP Consultancy Services in India.

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CE Marking

CE certification is mandatory for the products that are related to the safety and health of the users or that are directly used or consumed by the consumers and are marketed in the segments of European Union. Since the introduction of CE Marking Certification, any product without CE marking cannot be traded, distributed or sold in any European Country....Read More

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 certification is used in the companies for establishing high-quality management system in the organizations that help to ensure the quality of the manufactured goods and the services that are offered by the manufacturers are best. This standard certification is utilized to ensure best quality services in the premises and offers various means of cost saving to the manufacturer....Read More

ISO 14001:2015

It is a widely recognized standard that must be followed by the manufacturing organizations and companies to protect the environment from pollution. The standard help the manufacturers to follow best manufacturing procedures and to follow the set of guidelines keeping in mind the safety measures to protect the environment from the effect of harmful activities and chemical substances on the soil, water and air....Read More

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